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European/international health pass

Since August 9, 2021, in order to comply with the legislation imposed by the government, you will be required to have a European health pass to stay in our establishment. Note that for unvaccinated people, you will need to present us with a negative test every 24 hours during your stay.

In the event of cancellation of a stay in connection with the health pass by the customer or by the hotel because of an invalid health pass, this, in any case, will not come under exceptional and inevitable circumstances or force majeure. Consequently, the general conditions of sale and the tourism code will be applied in the event of cancellation of a stay from the customer or the hotel linked to the health pass.

No privileges will be tolerated, it is up to customers to make arrangements so as not to be refused access to the establishment, the hotel not being able to engage its responsibility with regard to the legislation in force.

Our partner insurer Gritchen has included a “Covid” guarantee in addition to the standard guarantees covered in the event of cancellation-interruption (details of these guarantees on request or available on our site via the subscription link). Do not neglect the optional subscription of this insurance when making your reservation.